Totally “Green Solution” for Maintenance of Grease Traps
and Drain Lines

Advantages of BiNurix for FOG

  • Eliminates odors
  • Eliminates backup problems
  • Reduces grease in the drain line
  • Reduces buildup in tank and pipes
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for pump-outs
  • Costs less than pumping
  • Lowers BOD

BiNutrix® for FOG serves as both a cure and preventative maintenance for problem traps and clogged drain lines.

BiNutrix is a powerful, advanced treatment for even the worst grease and odor problems.

BiNutrix Dispenser

BiNutrix® is a biospecific nutrient that is encapsulated in an oil loving coating which enables BiNutrix® to “stick” to the grease regardless of the temperature, time, or pH.

The patented nutrient helps breakdown oil and grease without harmful or caustic chemicals or solvents.

BiNutrix will not harm pumps not plumbing. BiNutrix is easy to use and nontoxic.

As part of a regular maintenance program, treat drain line and grease traps with BiNutrix. The feeder dispenses the granular powder BiNutrix for FOG in a predetermined amount throughout the day and reduces costly problems.

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