Reduces Ammonia Gas to Keep Your Poultry Healthier

Do You Need BiNutrix® Gold?

  • Do you have odors?
  • Are you concerned about disease?
  • Would you like to lower your poultry mortality rate?
  • Do you want healthier poultry?
  • Do you want to encourage greater poultry weight gain?
  • Do you want bonded nitrogen in your fertilizer?
  • Would you like a more pleasant work environment?

If you answered yes to any of the above, BiNutrix® Gold can help!

BiNutrix® Gold is a patented formula of granular powder composed of blended, all natural minerals and nutrients specifically formulated to reduce odor and provide humane living conditions for your animals and a more pleasant working environment.

Three Keys to BioNutrix’s Effectiveness

  1. Ammonia Gas Blocker – The patented formula of BiNutrix® Gold includes a urease inhibitor that fights the production of ammonia gas at the source. Anaerobic microbes convert the uric acid in poultry droppings into urea and with the help of the urease enzyme, digest the urea to produce harsh ammonia gas as a byproduct. When poultry peck at the litter, they breathe in this ammonia gas at a higher concentration than is in the surrounding air. Ammonia gas is blamed for irritating and burning the throats of poultry, causing them to eat less, compromising their immune systems, and eventually impacting their health. If these conditions persist, mortality rates increase. When urease is blocked by the inhibitor in BiNutrix® Gold, ammonia gas production is halted and the air is kept fresher and poultry is healthier.
  2. Disease Suppressor – Commercially poultry chickens live in dense populations where disease can be rapidly transmitted. BiNutrix® Gold suppresses populations of pathogenic, disease-causing microorganisms, limiting their numbers and opportunities to infect animals.
  3. Keeps Litter Drier – Drier litter means healthier poultry.

For a totally Green solution to reducing ammonia gas, suppressing disease transmission and keeping poultry bedding drier, simply mix BiNutrix® Gold with water and spray bedding at the start of each growing season. Your poultry will thank you.

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Instructions for Applying BiNutrix® Gold (download PDF)

  • Mix 2 pounds of BiNutrix® Gold with 2.5 gallons of water.
  • Apply initially before chickens are brought into the coop.
  • Spray BiNutrix® Gold on the bedding at a rate of 1 pound per 10′ x 100′ of bedding.
  • Following the spraying, rake BiNutrix® Gold into the bedding 3-4 inches deep.
  • On a weekly basis, break up any crusts which have formed in areas with water.
  • If possible, maintain moisture content at 15% to 25%.

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