General Disinfection

Because SMT products all generate ultra-pure chlorine dioxide, they provide superior efficacy against a wide range of germs, bacteria, viruses, spores and more. The purity also allows for low toxicity and compatibility with all types of surfaces. Unlike harsh bleaches or acids, SMT’s ultra-pure chlorine dioxide won’t damage the surfaces or areas you want to disinfect.

Until now, the antimicrobial market has been largely comprised of chlorine (bleach), ozone, quaternary ammonium compounds (quats), peracetic acid (PAA), formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde (aldehydes), and hydrogen peroxide. All of these technologies have limitations in addressing sanitization and disinfection needs.

After significant research and investment, Selective Micro created the world's first technology for conveniently generating ultra-pure chlorine dioxide at point-of-use. The result is nothing short of a revolution for the future of disinfecting and decontaminating.

Selective Micro is changing how users disinfect systems, equipment and surfaces in the most critical applications by harnessing the power of chlorine dioxide, a remarkable biocide that can kill fungi, bacteria and viruses like virtually nothing else on earth.