Long-term care/Rehab/Assisted Living/Acute care settings

Health care and infection control professionals constantly battle against health care acquired infections. One of the best ways to combat these infections is to prevent them.

Health care settings are an environment where both infected persons and persons at increased risk of infection congregate. Patients with infections or carriers of pathogenic microorganisms admitted to hospital are potential sources of infection for patients and staff. Patients who become infected in the hospital are a further source of infection.


Crowded conditions within the hospital, frequent transfers of patients from one unit to another, and concentration of patients highly susceptible to infection in one area (e.g. newborn infants, burn patients, intensive care) all contribute to the development of nosocomial infections. Microbial flora may contaminate objects, devices, and materials which subsequently contact susceptible body sites of patients. In addition, new infections associated with bacteria such as waterborne bacteria (atypical mycobacteria) and/or viruses and parasites continue to be identified.

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Prevention is the key, and SMT products are exceptional at eliminating these microbial threats. SMT products act as powerful oxidizers on contact. Because SMT products kill through oxidation, microbial threats have no ability to become resistant.

Simply spray SMT products on surfaces such as floors, tables, bedrails, handles and any other surface that you want to disinfect. Simply spray and walk away.

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