Lab and Clinical Equipment

Selective Micro has developed products and protocols to decontaminate the most popular high-throughput laboratory equipment on the market today. Selectrocide® is used by companies like Abbott, Roche, Dade Behring and Beckman Coulter to perform over 25,000 decontaminations annually. Equipment includes chemistry, immunoassay and hematology analyzers.

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Selectrocide® is effective against a broad range of microbes including bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, and spores. Unique advantages include:

  • Decontaminate in as little as 1 hour, including flush-out
  • Clean water lines, tanks, loops and unwetted surfaces (head spaces)
  • Strip biofilm so lines remain clean longer, reducing recontamination
  • Does not create undesirable/toxic by-products of reaction with organics
  • Neutral pH is gentle on sensitive equipment


Unlike bleach or peroxide, Selectrocide® rinses rapidly, leaving no residue, and is significantly less corrosive to system components because of greater efficacy at lower concentrations and neutral pH. In most applications Selectrocide® is


  • Minimize downtime; engineers maintaining equipment eliminate the need to wait up to six hours for bleach to decontaminate their systems.
  • Reduce time and expense of emergency service calls caused by the presence of biofilm.
  • Increase capacity without additional capital investment.

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