The Story of ClO2

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula ClO2. Chlorine dioxide has been around for quite some time. As a powerful oxidizer, it has been used for a wide range of purposes and is effective as a gas or a liquid.

There is more than one type of chlorine dioxide. In most cases, commercially available ClO2 is referred to as “stabilized” chlorine dioxide. These products typically require the user mixing chemicals to create some chlorine dioxide. While these stabilized products do produce some chlorine dioxide they also produce many harmful by–products. Toxic and corrosive chlorates and chlorites are part of the solution generated with stabilized products. Stabilized products usually come in liquid, powder or tablet forms.

Commercial generators are also available for the generation of chlorine dioxide. Generators generally produce a cleaner version of chlorine dioxide when compared to stabilized products. Chlorates, chlorites and other corrosive and toxic oxychloro species are still present. Generators are generally used for large volume production of chlorine dioxide when purity is not necessary. Chlorine dioxide generators can be expensive and require trained personnel to be safe.

Today, through proprietary technology, you can have a 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide solution from SMT. Unlike other forms of chlorine dioxide, SMT offers a solution virtually free of the chlorate, chlorites and other by-products found in other chlorine dioxide processes. The purity of our product makes it ideal for food, health care and general disinfection and deodorizing applications.

Why are SMT products so pure? It is because of our patented technology. Simply put, the chemical reaction that generates chlorine dioxide generates harmful by-products. SMT technology traps the harmful by-products in a proprietary membrane so only the chlorine dioxide molecule is released into the solution. Pure chlorine dioxide means better results with lower toxicity and corrosiveness.

Clean vs Dirty

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